Manavgat is a fairly large city in the province of Antalya situated 3 kilometers from Side. The city is easily accessible by dolmus (3 lira per person). Manavgat offers a nice area with nice shopping streets. Across the Manavgat river flowing with many boats in the summer and nice terraces. Manavgat also has several popular attractions, which are again visited each year by tourists and locals. The mosque with four minarets is free and has an exceptional interior.

Manavgat has a nice location in a fertile plain between the Taurus Mountains in the north and the long coastline with many beaches in the south. The Manavgat River flows through the city. It was originally an agricultural area which is grown in the plain at the foot of the mountain corn, cotton and sesame. In recent years, mainly due to the attractive natural environment, tourism on the rise. Southeast lie on the coast the Sorgun forest, Titreyengol or Titreyenmeer and village Kizilagac.

Every Monday and Thursday there is a large market or bazaar in the center of Manavgat with fresh local products such as cheese and vegetables but also clothing, jewelry and leather goods. A portion of the market is the spice bazaar and it is known for the wide range of spices from all over the world. The name stands for Manav grocer. The market is crowded and especially around noon, finding a parking space can be difficult.

Manavgat waterfalls

The impressive Manavgat waterfalls are approximately three kilometers north of the city, they are not high but wide waterfalls. The waterfalls are accessible by local boats or with the dolmus (small bus). One kilometer north lie the smaller and quieter Kucuk Selale waterfalls.